Apartment Series (1 of 3): STYLING SMALL SPACES

Starting off this summer’s Monthly Features with a series on apartment organizing and styling! I’ve been inspired by working on a few apartment spaces recently, as well as moving into an apartment myself this past month.

Whether you live in a condo downtown or a home in the suburb, this is the perfect season to freshen up your home!

| C O L O R |

One simple and cost effective way to brighten up a space is adding pops of color throughout your decor! Neutral pieces keep the space feeling open, but color gives a touch of warmth and coziness. This can be done with adding decorative throw pillows, wall art, accessories and hanging planters.

| V E R T I C A L  S P A C E |

Another way to think of decorating your small space is by decorating vertically! Using wired baskets, tiered trays or bowls gives you a fun way to display items, but not taking away any valuable countertop or floor space.

A great example is the open concept kitchen below - using a variety of items to create an organized, styled space!

| B A S K E T S |

Baskets are a simple solution to keeping a space well organized and look great while doing it.

One example is using them in bathroom/linen closet space. They are perfect for keeping similar items together, such as towels, toiletries and back stock items. I also like to keep the space looking uniform by using the same basket throughout.

These cute wired baskets below bring in the style from the apartment, while giving all the items a ‘home’.

| B O O K S H E L F S T Y L I N G |

This is where you can get really creative! Bookshelves are perfect showing off your personality. Choose from your favorite decor pieces and books to display or even use for additional storage space.

Books can be displayed by genre or color code for a visual appeal. Add in personal pieces like photos and a touch color with flowers and plants.

| C R E A T E Z O N E S |

Zoning is a great technique for organizing spaces, as well as using spaces for multiple purposes. The space below is the perfect little nook for a coffee station, but is also used for placing the pets food bowls (below the desk) and a wine wall (off to the side).

Use the wall space to either add open shelving for additional storage space or to display pieces that reflect your style.

The desk not only displays items on top, but has a drawer for back stock when needed!

Photography: @katemanningphoto