Set yourself up for | SUCCESS |

The beginning of a New Year is the perfect time to hit the ~ REFRESH ~ button on your wellness goals! I’m a strong believer in fresh starts and there’s nothing better than having a well organized closet to see everything clearly.

| Clear Space = Clear Mind |

I broke down a few steps in keeping your workout gear well organized and how to plan ahead to stay on track.


Categorize your workout pieces just like you would with your everyday wear - whether this is making room in your closet or categorizing by drawer space.

Pictured above is the section of my closet I dedicated specifically for my workout wear. I love to wear hats when I workout, so I had California Closets Southdale create specific shelving in the middle for my hats and tennis shoes.

Hats can be a tricky item to organize, so I like to create space where they can be either displayed on shelves or hung on hooks. This helps keep their shape versus stacking on top of each other.

The rest of the closet is broken down into a grid of 4:






Color coding is a great visual indicator of what you own. The color code method helps me keep track of what I already own, saving money in the long run by not purchasing similar styles in the same color.

In addition to color coding, I like to organize by size. This is another great method to see what you own and creates efficiency when selecting your outfit!

| PLAN |

One piece of advice that helped me stay on my workout track is packing my workout bag the night before. Your bag is all ready to go in the morning, taking away some of the rush to get ready for the day!

Invest in a quality bag that can hold up all the essentials. Lululemon is one of my favorite stores to buy workout gear because they have great styles to choose from! I use the small pocket in the front for my AirPods, gym card - easy to access and won’t get lost in the larger part of the bag. This particular bag has two inside pockets I use for holding my medium sized items like toiletries, hair accessories and my Laundress Sport Spray to keep my bag smelling fresh! The two outside pockets are used for my water bottle and smoothie shaker.

TIP | Always keep a back up of items most often forgotten. Here’s a list of mine: 

  • Hair Binders and Bobby Pins (store in a clear container)

  • Sports Bra

Hope you took away a few tips to start the New Year off fresh!

Photography by : @katemanningphoto