Getting yourself ready in the morning can be overwhelming, time consuming and stressful if your closet is not well organized! I partnered up with Katie from Adorned Homes to break down how to organize your closet by sections, helping to relieve those morning headaches.

Take a look at how we organized a portion of Katie’s Master Closet and a few tips on how to create a beautiful and well organized space from each of us!

| EDIT |

The first step to creating an organized section of a closet is editing the space. Remove all of the clothing from the space you’ve chosen to tackle. This might seem like double the work, but trust me, it’s worth your time! This gives you a clean slate and better view of how much space you truly have to work with. During the editing process, I also create piles for donation, outdated pieces and dry cleaning.

Another important part of the editing process is creating categories. With Katie’s closet, she wanted a designated section for formal wear, pants, shoes and accessories. By creating categories, everything is more visible, saving you time when trying to find specific clothing pieces in that section.

An additional step of the editing process is selecting the organizational items used to create an eye catching space in your closet! One of the easiest ways to edit and streamline your closet is using the same hanger throughout the space. Katie had all white hangers, but of varying sizes. I used the larger white hanger for the pants, and the thin white hanger for her tops. Hangers are a simple, but effective way to create a beautiful space. A few of my go to stores for great hangers are The Container Store, Target and Costco.


Placement is the next step after the editing process. One way to place clothing and accessories is by color and size. I organized the pant and top sections by color, then by length. This is a great visual way to see everything you own!

I organized the shoes shelves by style, then color. Heels were placed on the first two shelves and ankle boots on the third shelf. Alternate how the shoe is placed, so you can easily see the style from both angles, while maximizing competitive shelf space. Organizing by style is great way to streamline your space and helps with selecting an outfit for the day!

The two top shelves were left to display Katie’s clutches and favorite hats. I organized her clutches by color and left the top shelf open to display her hats. I organized by a pyramid approach, starting with the larger (fewer items) on the top shelf and ended with the smaller (more items) on the bottom. This ultimately creates a beautiful and functional display!


Hey guys! Katie here! I am so excited to have partnered with Danielle on this little closet project in my home. Lately, I’ve been having a hard time getting ready in the morning with our recent move and the new baby bump, so when Danielle suggested a closet edit I obviously jumped at the chance! Presentation, in any room of the home, is top priority for me. I love a room that is well put together and makes you feel great when you step in! Same goes for the closet. When I walk in, I want to feel inspired and energized for my day.

 The way I present myself is of utmost importance in my career and that all starts in my closet. I wanted this section to be filled with current & trendy clothing that fits me well, goes together to create different outfits and a little bit of sparkle to make the section pretty…to inspire me in the mornings, not to overwhelm! 

Katie’s Perfect Closet Presentation Necessities:

  • Matching hangers

  • Good spacing…no overpacked sections!

  • Unified colors that can be mixed and matched for multiple outfits 

  • A distinct section for each type of clothing; Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Accessories and so on.

  • Different pieces for different work occasions. Dressy, Casual Friday, Happy Hour, etc.

  • Toss or donate the old stuff. Anything outdated or worn…bye, bye!

Going Beyond Organizing:

*Install closet systems that have separate sections for all of your different types of clothing.

*Give the walls a fresh coat of paint in a light, neutral color.

*Add new lighting. If there is enough space, a cute chandi is always a good idea. Otherwise, select something that puts off plenty of light!

Even Katie’s sweet pal, Turtle, joined in on the organizing fun!

Thank you for joining us for our Closet Organization project! We hope you’ll take away a few tips from each of us on creating and organizing a perfect closet space to suit you!

| COLLABORATION | with Katie Kurtz - Adorned Homes

| PHOTOGRAPHY | by Social Construct Media & Design