Minne Pristine & Co. | Closet Tour |

I'm taking you inside my closet to see my everyday organizing steps and share my closet styling tips!

California Closets helped with the design and installation of my beautiful, white walk-in closet. I had a spare room in my home and thought it would be a perfect spot to create my 'woman cave'  :)



I have a specific section in my closet for seasonal clothing pieces - this helps keep my closet looking uncluttered. On the top right of this photo are all my light jackets and blazers, below are my heavier sweaters. Straight across is a section I designed for all my longer pieces of clothing; dresses, blouses, trench coats. Above is a gray storage bin purchased from The Container Store. I use decorative bins to store other seasonal items and clothing I do not wear often.




Here is another view of my seasonal section - light jackets on top, heaver sweaters on bottom. I wanted to have some drawers in this closet space to store smaller items and clothing I do not hang. The top drawer has built in jewelry dividers. The rest of the drawers store bras, sport bras, panties, socks, swimwear, leggings and tank tops. I left a space above to put larger totes.




A jewelry display is perfect for keeping your long necklaces visible and untangled! This one is a pull out display. You can make a similar set up with purchasing decorative knobs separately and attach to a wall mount. If you're not a DIYer, you can purchase necklace organizers already set up. Some of my favorites are found at the following stores - The Container Store, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie and Amazon! All depends on the overall look you're going for and the amount of necklaces you own.




It's all about the details! I chose a sleek drawer handle to tie in the rest of the closet look. You will notice I used the same finish on my shoe rack below, as well as the clothing bars.




As above, I used the same chrome finish for the shoe railings on my shoe rack. The rail keeps the shoes perfectly lined up and gives the all white space a glam look. I organize my shoes by color and style.




I love to workout and like to see all my options for planning my outfits, whether it's a cardio, Pilates or strength training day. I took the sliding doors off the original closet space in this room and had built in's installed to display all my workout clothing.


I'm a hat girl and wanted a spot to display my favorites, along with my tennis shoes. I organized the clothing by sleeve length and bottoms. Top right corner; tanks & short sleeves. Top left corner; long sleeves. Bottom right corner; yoga pants and joggers. Bottom left corner; zip ups and light sweatshirts. 






While I'm deciding on what style chair I would like to purchase for this special spot, I utilize this area for planning out my outfits for the week ahead! Planning your outfits ahead of time allows you to put more thought into each outfit and leaves more time in the morning for other tasks. 

Displayed is my favorite hanger - Ivory Huggable Hanger. These can be found at Target, The Container Store or ordered online. This particular hanger is a favorite, because of the thinness and velvet texture. The texture prevents your clothing from falling off the hanger and the thinness allows breathing room for your clothing pieces.  

Hope you enjoyed the tour and took away a few ideas for your own closet space!