Apartment Series (3 of 3): Organize with ORGANIZE MY DRAWER

Wrapping up this summer’s apartment series with a collaboration with one of my favorite companies I use for organizing products - Organize My Drawer!

Below you will see how I created custom drawer inserts with Organize My Drawer’s user friendly website. I selected two different colored liners from the variety offered. You will also see I incorporated their newest product - Square Drawer Spice Containers!

All the product names will be listed in each photo description.

The first drawer organizer was created for silverware. Their liners are perfect for keeping your items in good condition, as well as creating a beautiful aesthetic :) Each liner is specifically cut and fit to match your drawer design.

I selected the Zodiac Silver liner for this drawer.

The second drawer organizer was created for grilling utensils and spices. Grill season is in full swing, so why not have all your utensils easily accessible!?

Before creating my drawer design, I always measure all the utensils and products that will be going in the organizer. This is how I create an accurate design every time and everything can be easily placed when delivered!

I chose the Tolstoy Asphalt liner when creating this drawer organizer. This liner is perfect for making all your utensils and other items pop! This liner also has a bumpy texture - helping prevent any scratches from the items being placed there.


I was super excited to try out their newest product! The Square Spice Containers are the perfect size to have in your drawers or cabinet spaces.

The custom spice labels are a special touch they add to your order, so there is one less thing you have to create when organizing your containers!

Just 3 simple steps: DECANT / LABEL / PLACEMENT

Hope you took away a few ideas for organizing your drawer spaces! Check out their website to see how you can create beautifully, organized drawers in your home :)

Collaboration with @organizemydrawer / organizemydrawer.com

Photography: @katemanningphotography


The apartment tour is here! This summer has been an exciting adventure in the heart of Minneapolis and I have had so much fun decorating this space. I wanted to keep things very minimal/neutral to keep the apartment feeling open and added pops of green throughout.

Everything that was purchased is tagged below!

Enjoy :)

| K I T C H E N |

| L I V I N G R O O M / O F F I C E |


| F A V O R I T E L I T T L E N O O K S |

Photography:: @katemanningphotography

Stores items were purchased from: @westelm, @cb2, @target, @crateandbarrel, @ikea , @thecontainerstore , @society6 , @thelaundress , @urbanoutfitters, @barnesandnoble , @potterybarn

Apartment Series (1 of 3): STYLING SMALL SPACES

Starting off this summer’s Monthly Features with a series on apartment organizing and styling! I’ve been inspired by working on a few apartment spaces recently, as well as moving into an apartment myself this past month.

Whether you live in a condo downtown or a home in the suburb, this is the perfect season to freshen up your home!

| C O L O R |

One simple and cost effective way to brighten up a space is adding pops of color throughout your decor! Neutral pieces keep the space feeling open, but color gives a touch of warmth and coziness. This can be done with adding decorative throw pillows, wall art, accessories and hanging planters.

| V E R T I C A L  S P A C E |

Another way to think of decorating your small space is by decorating vertically! Using wired baskets, tiered trays or bowls gives you a fun way to display items, but not taking away any valuable countertop or floor space.

A great example is the open concept kitchen below - using a variety of items to create an organized, styled space!

| B A S K E T S |

Baskets are a simple solution to keeping a space well organized and look great while doing it.

One example is using them in bathroom/linen closet space. They are perfect for keeping similar items together, such as towels, toiletries and back stock items. I also like to keep the space looking uniform by using the same basket throughout.

These cute wired baskets below bring in the style from the apartment, while giving all the items a ‘home’.

| B O O K S H E L F S T Y L I N G |

This is where you can get really creative! Bookshelves are perfect showing off your personality. Choose from your favorite decor pieces and books to display or even use for additional storage space.

Books can be displayed by genre or color code for a visual appeal. Add in personal pieces like photos and a touch color with flowers and plants.

| C R E A T E Z O N E S |

Zoning is a great technique for organizing spaces, as well as using spaces for multiple purposes. The space below is the perfect little nook for a coffee station, but is also used for placing the pets food bowls (below the desk) and a wine wall (off to the side).

Use the wall space to either add open shelving for additional storage space or to display pieces that reflect your style.

The desk not only displays items on top, but has a drawer for back stock when needed!

Photography: @katemanningphoto

Set yourself up for | SUCCESS |

The beginning of a New Year is the perfect time to hit the ~ REFRESH ~ button on your wellness goals! I’m a strong believer in fresh starts and there’s nothing better than having a well organized closet to see everything clearly.

| Clear Space = Clear Mind |

I broke down a few steps in keeping your workout gear well organized and how to plan ahead to stay on track.


Categorize your workout pieces just like you would with your everyday wear - whether this is making room in your closet or categorizing by drawer space.

Pictured above is the section of my closet I dedicated specifically for my workout wear. I love to wear hats when I workout, so I had California Closets Southdale create specific shelving in the middle for my hats and tennis shoes.

Hats can be a tricky item to organize, so I like to create space where they can be either displayed on shelves or hung on hooks. This helps keep their shape versus stacking on top of each other.

The rest of the closet is broken down into a grid of 4:






Color coding is a great visual indicator of what you own. The color code method helps me keep track of what I already own, saving money in the long run by not purchasing similar styles in the same color.

In addition to color coding, I like to organize by size. This is another great method to see what you own and creates efficiency when selecting your outfit!

| PLAN |

One piece of advice that helped me stay on my workout track is packing my workout bag the night before. Your bag is all ready to go in the morning, taking away some of the rush to get ready for the day!

Invest in a quality bag that can hold up all the essentials. Lululemon is one of my favorite stores to buy workout gear because they have great styles to choose from! I use the small pocket in the front for my AirPods, gym card - easy to access and won’t get lost in the larger part of the bag. This particular bag has two inside pockets I use for holding my medium sized items like toiletries, hair accessories and my Laundress Sport Spray to keep my bag smelling fresh! The two outside pockets are used for my water bottle and smoothie shaker.

TIP | Always keep a back up of items most often forgotten. Here’s a list of mine: 

  • Hair Binders and Bobby Pins (store in a clear container)

  • Sports Bra

Hope you took away a few tips to start the New Year off fresh!

Photography by : @katemanningphoto


Christmas is only a week away! I’m sharing some of my favorite items for those last minute gift ideas and stocking stuffers.

~ Home Essentials and Organizing Products ~







Where to find the products photographed:

  • Makeup Organizer - GLAMboxes

  • Home Scents - Gray Home Lifestyle

  • Planners and notepads - Wit and Delight, Target

  • Throw Blanket - Pottery Barn

  • Letter Board - Patina



There’s a special time of year where my good friend, Emmie of Hunkiedorie, and I team up to create a beautiful Fall inspired tablescape for her Annual Hunkiedorie Harvest Party!

Here’s an inside look at the process from start to finish. From styling the communal table to the festive bar cart and appetizer spread, there was no shortage of autumn inspired design elements for guests to enjoy on one of Minnesota’s first crisp evenings.

| ORGANIZE MY DRAWER | Pantry & Kitchen Project

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Organize My Drawer for the month of August, using their custom drawer inserts! 

As a Professional Organizer, I come across many different sized drawers, so I love how I'm able to custom make each insert to fit the drawer space for my client's items. I can choose to use one of their many template offerings, or create a custom design from scratch. Another favorite feature of the design process of mine is making selections from the variety liners offered.

Take an inside look at how I used their product in a two recent projects, a butler's pantry and a kitchen makeover! 


My client recently completed a home renovation and I had the pleasure to organize and style their beautifully renovated Butler's Pantry. Nothing like starting with a clean slate! 

My client loves to have family and friends over for get togethers, so it was very important to make this space fit their hosting lifestyle. During my consultation, we walked through their day to day use of this space and the direction they wanted their pantry items to flow. 

After planning where all the pantry items went, the next step was organizing each drawer and maximizing the space to it's full potential. I was able to do just that by creating the perfect fit organizers using Organize My Drawer.

I took the drawer measurements near the coffee/tea station and created the drawer inserts using their user friendly website. The clear arcylic organizers give the drawers a nice clean look, as well as a reliable material to hold all the drawer items. 

I created sections in the top drawer for all the morning go-to's! A few rows designated for the Keurig cups and rows for the variety of tea. The second drawer was designated for additional storage, including all the back stock of coffee/tea and storage for the larger tins.


The second project completed with the Organize My Drawer inserts was in my client's beautiful kitchen! The Organize My Drawer organizers were a great solution to maximize the drawer space in this apartment kitchen.

For this project, I used the clear arcylic organizer for the silverware/bar utensil drawer. I love how the clear inserts give such a crisp look. The second drawer organizer was created to hold all the larger kitchen utensils, measuring cups and other miscellaneous items. I selected the Charcoal Foam Liner for the second drawer, making it easy to spot where all the utensils are.  

The final step was placing everything in their new homes. The organizers not only give a Pristine look to my client's kitchen, but more importantly help streamline their daily routines in this space.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my recent client organization projects! I highly recommend Organize My Drawer for your organizational needs. You can be sure see more of this product in other projects of mine! 

| Collaboration with Organize My Drawer |

| Photography by Social Construct Media & Design |



It's that time of year where there is sure to be plenty of travel on the calendar. With that in mind, let's take a look at how to maximize your space when packing up your luggage! There is no perfect science to this, but I am happy to share a few simple tips and tricks to make the most of available space in your luggage and make the overall experience of packing less stressful. Let's get started! 

| The DENIM Fold |

| The DENIM Fold |

We all love our denim and there is an art to organizing this staple piece in your wardrobe. Depending on the size and storage options in your closet or dresser drawers, below are tutorials on my Go To's for hanging and folding denim. Each option gives you the best visibility, making the selection process easy and stress free!